A Florida Non-Profit Visual Arts Organization

Month: February, 2014


MASS 2014 poster

Thank you to all the artists for submitting to our next exhibition opening at

The Wooly, 20 North Main Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601.

Opening dates are March 28th to April 6th.

MASS 4 Exhibition Artists:

Anatolii Lipkin

Angela Gould

Annemarie Poyo Furlong

Ben Lusk

Bethany Taylor

Bill Perry

Bob Freeman

Cesar Antonio Evans

Chris Coates

Cindy Steiler

Colin Curry

Courtney Wilhelm

Danny Lyons

David Peck

Dounia Bendris

Erin Curry

Frank Curtis


Gabrielle Groos

Gary Schmitt

Glitter Chariot

Gwendolyn Chrzanowski

Haydn Larson

Hilary White

Ian Clontz

J.B. Bates

James Bassett

James Lasley

James Scott Bishop

Jason Straw

Jasper North

Jonathan Yuhas/Josh Leeper

Josiah Lloyd

Julia Morrisroe

Kana Handel

Karen Tharp

Kathleen Wobie

Katie Ladd

Kyle Novak

Leela Corman

Leslie Tharp

Lexi Braun

Margaret Tolbert

Mark Ambrecht

Naheed Mojadidi

Nicholas Iannelli

Nitin Jayaswal

Piyanari Lefebvre

Ray Hale

Rick Stepp

Robert Ponzio

Shawn Maschino

Steven Speir

Vickie Santello

Victor Perez

Ye Su

Zac Thompson


DEADLINE TODAY, February 7th, for Submissions to MASS 4 Exhibition

Just a reminder – today is the final day all submissions need to be postmarked to be eligible for consideration for the MASS 4 art exhibition. Thank you for considering being a part of our art show.Image