MASS Visual Arts is pleased to join 352Creates for the event Saturday at Depot Park, 352Creates: Create in Community at Depot Park on Saturday March 25 from 11 am-2 pm by presenting three artist talks at Boxcar Wine and Beer Garden at Depot Park, 201 SE Depot Avenue, Gainesville, Florida.

Featured speakers:
11:00 am – Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre

12:00 pm – Margaret Tolbert

1:00 pm – Ashley Fuchs

Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre are mural and installation artists operating under the name MILAGROS. The objective of MILAGROS is to reinforce individual strength through collaboration. Mutual respect and trust allow for a free environment of evolving creation. MILAGROS energizes spaces with a spirit of exuberance that champions the hand-made and radiates human dignity.

Ashley Fuchs is a recent Masters degree recipient from UF who will speak about her artand thesis project, “I came to Gainesville and …” which is currently on exhibit at the University Gallery
The project is an interactive and informational print design “zine” style layout that aims to guide readers through a past, present and future series that explores Gainesville. Each zine presents a main historical event, followed by present experiences (restaurants, entertainment, etc.) and then ending by envisioning the future of Gainesville and our place in that future.

Margaret Tolbert will show some images of her art ,and the freshwater springs she celebrates, and the AQUIFERious project. Tom Morris cave diver, biologist and member of Wes Skiles filmmaking team, and a principal AQUIFERious contributor,will join her and describe the waterways that flow under and around Depot park. Fascinating opportunity to learn about the waters that flow under our feet.

Margaret Ross Tolbert is an artist based in Gainesville, Florida. Over the last thirty years she has executed series of paintings, drawings and lithographs from studios in the U.S., France and Turkey. Her commissions include projects for series of paintings with residencies in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Oman, enabling her to continue her research for her series, Doors and study of language and dance from the regions of the ancient trade routes. Another continuing focus is the Springs of North Florida, whose paradisiacal presence provides a sense of ideal destination and the exotic in the here-and-now that counterpoints the sense of passage, time and journey implicit in the Door paintings.