American Dream 2011

MASS Visual Arts formed through the exhibition American Dream, curated by Bill Bryson. The Exhibition opened July 1st, 2011 and closed July 29th, 2011. The exhibition featured works by over 50 artists from the United States. Opening night presentations featured a lecture by Stetson Kennedy, a reading by Padgett Powell, live a capella performance by Jill Burton, puppet show by Cathy Sohar, and video projections with sound manipulation by Andrew Chadwick. Archived images of artworks below. Installation images by Dale Gunnoe.

Selected Artists:

Ameena Khan, Andrew Chadwick, Andy Krone, Anthony Campanaro, Arnold Mesches, Billy Simms, Brad Kokay, Bronwyn Merritt, Caui Lofgren, Celino Dimitroff, Charles Chace, Chris Coates, Dale Cole, Dale Gunnoe, Dan Stepp, Danny Lyons, Dave Peck, Ed Cooper, Frog, Graham Harris-Curry, Guillaume Cailleau, Janet Hicks, Jason Henry, JB Bates, Jeff Zern,Jennifer McClure, Jill Burton, John Patterson, Kathleen Pagan, Kathy Sohar, Kim Anderson, Laura Ballance, Laura Predny, Lefty Parker, Marcus Tanner, Margaret Luongo, Margaret Tolbert, Michael Galinsky, Milan Hooper, Neil McKinney, Nina Hofer, Nitin Jayaswal, Oli Watt, Oscar Molina, Padgett Powell, Panhandle Slim, Paul Schwartz, Peter Alcorn, Phil Robinson, R. Land, RA Miller, Ray Hale, Rick Stepp, Robert Ponzio, Robert Stone, Roger Beebe, Ron Liberti, Shaun McCarthy, Shawn Maschino, Sita Marlier, Steven Keene, Stetson Kennedy, Suzanne Zweizig, Tia Ma, Zteven